/ July 12, 2017


Chairman Message

I wouldn’t have been anything if it wasn’t for what I was willed to do by the Almighty Allah. I have been bestowed by blessings of successful projects for the past 10 years and Insha-Allah, Japan Citi will only bring out the best for everyone, I am a true believer that whatever is started with a clear intention, ends with the benefit of all. I believe in my powers and the fact that a person is meant to go through trials only to build himself up and be
known for who he actually is.

My shore started from Gujranwala, Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan and now after the successful completion of Japan Town Bahawalpur, Japan Citi Bahawalpur will be touched with modesty while keeping our moral values and Islamic background. My respect and support for my people and the project I develop will enlighten my honest work, love, and deep essence of moral values for my very own beloved county.

Hafiz Raza Ullah Rauf


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